Dr. David Tumpold


Heimstettener Moosweg 1,
D-85551 Kirchheim b. Munich

addaid GmbH
HRB München 260397


Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg

Oct.2020 – today

Head of Forefront Innovation Environmental Sensors

  •  Innovative solutions for next generation gas sensors and environmental sensors
  •  Non dispersive sensing and photo-acoustic spectroscopy for multi gas sensing
  •  Lab setups and concepts
Feb.2019 – Sept.2020

Head of Sensor Forefront Innovation

  • Innovation project management in the field of next generation sensors
  • Fields of consumer applications, IoT and mobile.
  • Starting from scratch with an idea and bringing it via prototyping and conceptual studies towards product development handover.
Oct.2015 – Jan.2019

MEMS Innovation Engineer in the pre-development / innovation group.

  • Leading and innovation and system projects for next generation sensors
  • Fields are IoT, consumer applications and mobile.

ALTEN GmbH, Munich

Jan.2015 – Sept.2015

Consultant as Innovation Engineer for Infineon Technologies AG;

  • Part of predevelopment and innovation team
  • Low noise circuit design to support ASIC readouts
  • Discrete electronics design and PCB layout, assembly and setup implementation
  • Modeling and simulation of MEMS transducers

University of Technology, Vienna

Feb.2012 – Dez.2014

Postdoc Student (Industrial)

Simulation, Modeling and Prototyping of MEMS transducers

  • Digital sound reconstruction
  • Finite element modeling (FEM) of nonlinear coupled fields
  • Acoustic setup and demonstrator build for multi channel digital sound reconstruction with MEMS transducers
Mai.2012 – Feb.2014

Research PhD Student (Industrial)

(Continuation of work from Alps Adriatic University, Klagenfurt)
PhD research in MEMS Speakers in colaberation with Infineon Technologies AG

  • Simulation and Modeling (Matlab, FEM, …)
  • Digital sound reconstruction and prototyping of control hardware
  • Optimization and pre-distortion of electrical control signals based on neuronal networks

Alps Adriatic University, Klagenfurt

Mai.2010 – Apr.2012

Research Student, Master Thesis

Master and PhD thesis in MEMS Speakers in colaberation with Infineon Technologies AG

  • Simulation and Modeling (Matlab, FEM, …)
  • Digital sound reconstruction and prototyping of control hardware
    Research assistant for founded projects

KAI Kompetenzzentrum Automobil- u. Industrieelektronik GmbH, Villach

Jun.2006 – Juli.2010

System Development Engineer and Prototype Engineer

Laboratory assistance and support

  • Measuring and characterization of power switches
  • Discrete circuit design and manufacturing (yes, also PBC manufacturing)
  • Hardware support of different PhD thesis’
  • Development of contact less seat occupation detection system based on electric field sensing
  • Measurement automation via Matlab and LabVIEW


University of Technology, Vienna


Dr.-techn, PhD; Sensors and Actuator Systems

Focus on modeling and simulation of digital sound reconstruction of MEMS transducers

  • Development of modular hardware principle for DSR demonstrator
  • Finding and optimizing different digital sound reconstruction techniques
  • Using neuronal networks for linearization of pre-distorted MEMS transducers

Alps Adriatic University, Klagenfurt


Diplom-Ingenieur, MsC; Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Technology

Focus on: Applied mechatronics

  • Simulation and Modeling of nonlinear coupled fields
  • R&D track
    Complementary track: Pervasive computing
  • Microcontroller networks
  • Communication in different networks (low power, IoT, ..)

Carintian University of Applied Sciences, Villach


Diplom-Ingenieur, MsC; Electrical Engineering

Focus in electrical engineering
Specialisation: Sensor and actuator systems
Side field: Measurement and control theory, Signal theory
Master thesis: Contactless seat occupation detection system based on electric field sensing

School for Higher Technical Education (HTL), Klagenfurt


Ingenieur and A-Level; Electrical Engienering and Power Electronics

A-Level degree with technical background

  • Electrical engineering and power electronics
  • Handcrafting education in milling, drilling as well as computer numerical control