aeromio is our first fully own developed product, started from scratch to full series production. aeromio is a indoor air quality monitoring system which indicated the quality of air with respect to its CO2 concentration, humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. The device is fully designed to fit into your daily lifestyle may it be office, schools or private rooms. For your well being the sensor is made of reliable and CO2 neutral resources as well as fully designed and made in Germany. Since we are an innovative company the sensor comes with advanced algorithms to have maximum performance and a mould warning on top. your health – indoor air quality – made with love – aeromio

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Robin CO2 airguard – Robin Sense GmbH

Robin Sensorik GmbH is a startup located in Munich which developed together with us an air-guard system for measuring CO2. AddAid GmbH was supporting and consulting in different fields like conceptual work, CAD supported prototyping towards 3D printing for rapid prototyping as well as electronics circuit design, layout and firmware development. We supervised certification processes like CE. Finally, a market ready small series was produced with focus on sustainability and local Bavarian partnering.

Robin air-guard for CO2 detection stands for sustainability, local partnering and design and esthetics.

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ESP for remotes

Electronic stabilization program short ESP for remotely controlled cars. The ESP box checks 10.000 times a second all inertial and rotational forces acting on your remotely controlled car and manipulates accordingly the steering angle as well as the gas throttle of your car. A WiFi connection is enabled by our steering module and all parameters like drift angle and progressive steering angle can be set easily via an app. Drive savely or drift like a pro – you decide!

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Hockey GoalieBox

Together with Austrian’s headcoach for icehockey goaltenders we developed a smart web calculator to visualize the slopes and angles of different locations with respect to the goal itself. These projections, called boxes – hence the name boxplay, help the goalies to understand easily their position relative to the puck and the goal and improves their gameplay significantly.

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LED Remote Control

Simple but genius. By tilting the ball shaped remote control, the color and intensity of the ambient light changes. Mood lights with different colors and intensities can be set easily by tilting and rotating the control, all movements are transferred in live to the ambient lights and set the colors respectively. Special modes like automated rainbow fading can be entered and set by shaking the remote control.

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